Our Story

One spring afternoon, Carrelle and Ken decided after a nap to go out for a walk in the streets, in order to get some fresh air...

During this stroll between friends, Ken had a phone protected by a shell that she inadvertently dropped. The shell did not resist to the shock, nor the phone. Carrelle, on the other hand, had a shoulder bag in which she had carefully stuffed her phone. However, she found this bag big for the occasion.

So, the two friends decided to create a protection for phone, much more secure than a shell and less big than a classic bag. This protection could therefore contain the essential objects useful during such outings. All this in a neat elegance, both in the leather used and in the finishes, all at a very affordable price.

So they decided to found CARR BY KEN®, to signify the fact that Carrelle came up with the idea and KEN took care of the design.